Perfek World is a non-profit organization working to make a difference in the quality of life for the underprivileged in the United States and around the world. Our FruitForKids and CleanTree programs answer the need for millions. Perfek World inspires individuals, industries and other non-profits to join us in providing the foundation for the self-help program for the world's needy.

Perfect World supports food gift and home building programs, but understands they alone will never completely meet the current or future needs of the world's people. Our self-help programs are best suited to fill that gap.

FruitForKids provides for the basic nutritional sustenance of children through planting and growing of fruit trees and training communities in their care.

CleanTree provides for clean air, water and soil as well as providing housing and income for needy individuals. It is the direct answer for individuals, organizations and businesses looking to maintain a clean world environment through assisting the needy in a self help program.

Perfek World establishes tree nurseries, agricultural training and planting globally to support each of these programs. Our philosophy is to help others learn how to support and sustain themselves in their own community.